Brent Bruni Comiskey


Brent bruni comiskey is a photographer and video artist that applies chemical and digital photography, digital video, vintage slides, commercial media and video projections to create documentary and abstract images. his work has been shown at venues in houston, austin, new orleans and japan, including the station museum of contemporary art, austin museum of digital art, new orleans media experience, church of the friendly ghost and super happy fun land. his published work began in the early 90s as designer of thora-zine magazine.


brent has participated in several experimental audio projects, including diamond shamrock, lone rats and the noise kills punk dead compilation.

Noise 1

Noise 2


eye against eye is brent's video art project. his epileptic video manipulations employ accidental micro-editing to induce subliminal bursts of mangled video projections. live hypermixing is applied to deface commercial media into streams of video abstractions contaminated with the artifacts of consumerism. this work is a reflection of the love-hate relationship between people and television. it is formally presented as an immersive video installation or sculptural videobox. copyrights are available to collectors.


brent's light series of digital abstractions is a photographic catechization of street lights captured only at night while driving. these electric kool-aid impressions of light are meant to serve as projective meditations. archival prints from this series are limited to editions of three.

Photos : "Light"


cd and dvd portfolios are available by request. contact brent at

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